Quick Overview

Project Foundry was setup for your school by your school's Project Foundry Admin user. This person is usually an advisor, teacher, or principal.  Many of your getting started questions may be able to be answered by this person. So find out who they are, and see if they can help you too!


What do I need to run Project Foundry on my computer?

Since Project Foundry is web-based, no installation is necessary. All you need is a computer capable of running one of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 6.x+, Firefox 2.0.0.x+, or Safari 3.x+. Additionally, a PDF viewer will be necessary to view reports and transcripts.

How do I log in to Project Foundry?

First, you will need to correctly enter in your school's Project Foundry URL. This URL is customized based on your school’s Project Foundry nickname and your role.

  • Your school nickname was chosen when your school purchased Project Foundry. Often times your school nickname will be an acronym of your whole school name. For example, Best Ever High School may have a nickname of BEHS. So, your website would be:  http://behs.projectfoundry.org
  • Each role in Project Foundry also has a respective web address. Your role is a coach , so your respective web address would look like this:   http://behs.projectfoundry.org/coach

When you have reached your website, it will be a blue screen (blue is for coaches ) and will have a place for you to enter your login information.  If you are still having problems, check with your student's advisor. 

What's my username?

Your username was created by your school's Project Foundry Admin user when your account was set up.  If you are unsure of your username, contact your student's advisor.

Oops! I forgot my password!

Your password was initially set by your school's Project Foundry Admin user when your account was created. After this, you may have changed your password. If you have forgotten what your password is, your student's advisor can help!

How do I change my password?

Your password was initially set by your school's Project Foundry Admin user when your account was created. However, you can change your password at any time by clicking on the 'Change Password' link in the bottom footer of any screen when you are logged in to your account.